Marketing Research

  • When it comes to finding out what customers want we conduct surveys, focus groups and interviews to reveal their perceptions, preferences and point of view.
  • Need to know how you stand among your competitors?
  • Need to know what the differenial are doing? Mystery shopping is one of our specialties.
  • We also specialize in other forms of research custom-made to meet your needs.

Marketing and Communication Planning

  • Our 4 Phased Process takes you from where you are to where you need to go.
  • We work with the client every step of the way to ensure our expertise is matched to address your marketing and communication needs.
  • Our results provide you with a tactical approach for success.

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  • Gain a leadership position in your industry
  • Build a brand that your target market values
  • Develop greater sales by capitalizing on your differential advantage
  • Create a buzz about your product to effectively improve revenue
  • Save time and energy with a well-developed strategic plan