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By looking beyond the data, we add a human element to your marketing campaigns.
Assess Your Brand
1. Assess the Brand
Creative content is the heart of a brand.
An assessment of the brand’s messaging, visuals and user experience provides insights about how it’s perceived.
  • Identify how the brand is currently expressed
  • Understand how it is positioned in the industry
  • Determine who the target audience is and what their preferences are
  • Determine the value the brand represents
We understand the importance of knowing what customers value in a brand. The perception of a brand is in the mind of the consumer. We conduct quantitative and qualitative research to get to the heart of it.
Test Lead Generation
2. Test Lead Generation
Leads come from a variety of sources.
By analyzing the data, we can tell at which point a user is entering the marketing funnel and how to motivate them to take action. Starting with a small budget we test different channels to see what works best.
  • Split testing determines which of two variables performs better
  • Identify specific lead generation factors
  • Data helps determine a winning option in a short period of time
Testing variables of a digital marketing program that aims to get the most leads can reduce uncertainty and increase ROI.
Review Touchpoints
3. Review Touchpoints
The omni-channel marketing strategy incorporates multiple touchpoints in the buyer’s journey.

At each touchpoint, the user should encounter a consistent and seamless experience with the brand. For example:

  • Awareness (display ads, search ads & social media) 
  • Interest and Consideration (gated content & retargeting ads)
  • Action (SEO & remarketing)
  • Loyalty (ongoing social and digital marketing)

Touchpoints along the buyer’s journey should be reviewed regularly to assess the effectiveness of both micro and macro conversions.

Build a Tech Stack
4. Build Tech Stack
A challenge for today’s marketer is that there is rarely one platform that can provide an end-to-end business solution.
  • Identify how/where users interact with your brand
  • Assess each platform to identify gaps in the user process from awareness to taking action
  • Data stored in each app can be used to track the user experiences and conversion points
  • Stitch technologies together to provide a wholistic view of what inspires users to engage with a brand and ultimately become a brand advocate
Building a technology stack is an important operational component of any successful business. Knowing how all the pieces fit together can provide intel to make better business decisions.
Analyze the Sales Funnel
5. Analyze the Sales Funnel
A sales funnel is the process a user goes through to becoming a customer.
Funnels help understand what buyers are thinking and doing at each stage of their purchasing journey.
  • Top: creating campaigns to draw attention to a brand
  • Middle: remarketing opportunities to keep the brand in front of the user
  • Bottom: user gets motivated to make a decision and convert
  • Loyalty comes after conversion (buyer likes your product and shares the brand’s value with others)
These insights provide direction for the right marketing activities, channels, and content during each stage of the funnel to inspire users to become buyers.
Design & Track Metrics
6. Design and Track Metrics
There is no better way to optimize marketing expenditures than by analyzing data.
You need a framework to ensure the right metrics are being tracked.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) demonstrate business growth goals
  • Marketing objectives are aligned with stages of the funnel
  • Tactics are defined with an omni-channel strategy in mind
  • Leading metrics determine whether tactics are working
By setting corporate KPIs with relevant marketing objectives, a business can decide on the right tactics with leading metrics designed to achieve optimization of the marketing strategy.

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